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Your Words

Thank you.

“Thank you for holding my hand.”

Josh, USA

“I led a life of self-destruction. Now I know why and that I can be better.”

Paul, UK

“I've had readings before, but Christina's grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me - it was so accurate. I wanted to hide from what we saw in my chart, but she smiled and kinda hugged me throughout our call, and afterwards it was like the weight of holding it all in, just disappeared. One word: Freedom.”

Kylie M, UK

“You know when life kicks you in the stomach and when you get up, punches you in the face, and then breaks your fingers? That was me, this bruised and broken gal with no direction other than the pavement. I'd given up, until a friend gifted me a reading. Christina was so NICE. She explained how the transits had zero'd in on my 4th house of home and triggered some past life traumas. Her analysis gave me HOPE. I wasn't expecting that. I'm still struggling, but now I KNOW I will get back up.”

Debbie Connelly, Ireland

“It sounds insane, but meeting Alex felt like fate. After two failed marriages, I needed to know if he was a guy I could trust. Astrology might not confirm that, but it did highlight why it felt so good and why he captured my heart so quick. I was more confident in the relationship after seeing his chart and mine. Thanks Christina!.”

Clarmont, Canada

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